Cymat Team

Michael M. Liik - Executive Chairman of the Board (1999)
Mr. Liik is acting CEO and is a founding director of Cymat. He has a successful record of leading both early stage and high growth Canadian public companies with a unique background that combines considerable operational leadership experience with extensive merchant banking skills. Mr. Liik is also Managing Partner of Fraser Mackenzie Merchant Capital. Mr. Liik is a MBA (1984) and a Professional Engineer, with both designations obtained from University of Toronto. He is also the President and Owner of Liikfam Holdings Inc., an Investment/Venture Capital Company.

Darryl Kleebaum – Chief Financial Officer  (2011)
Mr. Kleebaum joined the Cymat management team in February of 2011.  He possesses over 25 years of progressive accounting experience and has an extensive understanding of the operating environment of small cap publicly traded companies.  Mr. Kleebaum is a Chartered Professional Accountant, with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Wilfrid Laurier University.

Jim Johnson - Vice President, SmartMetalTM Sales and Operations (2009)

Mr. Johnson heads manufacturing operations and the SmartMetalTM technical engineering, sales and business development functions. Mr. Johnson joined Cymat in May, 2009 and brings to Cymat over 30 years of progressive experience in metals manufacturing, engineering, operations management, logistics and finance. In previous roles, Mr. Johnson has successfully transformed operations by instilling a culture of operational excellence, team strength and unification, customer service, and organizational value. He is a graduate of McMaster University’s Mechanical Engineering and Management Program and is a registered Professional Engineer in the province of Ontario.

Angie Deyannis  – Vice President of Business Development, AlusionTM  (2011)
Ms. Deyannis is in charge of global architectural specifications, sales, distribution and AlusionTM technical services. Ms. Deyannis joined the Cymat team in June of 2011. She brings over 20 years of experience in business development and project management for Architectural Specifications, Design, and Construction.  She has a strong history of developing project specifications across a broad range of channels, platforms and industries.  A design experienced technical consultant with strong communications and analytical skills combined with a passion for challenging projects.  Her expertise includes architectural global business development, distribution, marketing and technical services.  Among her expertise is ensuring that company initiatives are well planned and delivered in over 26 countries throughout the world.  Her studies include Business, Design & Construction Management.

Andrew Salgo - Manufacturing & Process EIT (2010)

Mr. Salgo has been an integral part of the technical team at Cymat Technologies since June 2010,  and in his role provides core expertise on both the technical and manufacturing aspects of the company. He received his Bachelors of Engineering Degree from McMaster University in 2010 where he pursued the Materials Science & Engineering program with focuses in metallurgy, composite materials and materials design. He is the lead engineer and line operator of the manufacturing process.

Roberto Bozzo - Manufacturing & Process EIT (2013)

Mr. Bozzo joined the technical team at Cymat Technologies in August of 2013. He provides operational support on both the technical and manufacturing aspects of the company, bringing CAD expertise and product development consultation. He graduated in 2013 from McMaster University's Materials Science & Engineering program, receiving a Bachelors of Engineering Degree with focuses in metallurgy, composite materials and materials design. Mr. Bozzo is the team's design engineer and assistant line operator of the manufacturing process.