Cymat Stabilized Aluminum Foam (SAF) is an innovative material with a combination of characteristics that can be engineered to provide solutions to the challenges facing automakers today. Particularly, Cymat SAF is a cost effective solution to address automotive companies' competing needs to lighten vehicles, yet improve crashworthiness and occupant protection. SAF is a lightweight material whose cellular structure provides superior energy absorption capabilities. These characteristics are becoming increasingly important as consumer demand and legislation require safer, more efficient, and easier to repair vehicles.

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  • Can be used on its own, as part of sandwich panel or a plastic composite


  • Collapses at relatively constant load over large displacements - ideal for absorbing energy
  • Non-directional - will absorb energy, regardless of direction
  • Does not release poisonous substances at high temperatures


  • In tubular extrusions - foam stabilizes structure & delays onset of failure, particularly in curved sections or sections experiencing bending loads
  • Optimizing tube wall thickness and foam density can minimize weight of structure

Consistent and Constant Material Properties

  • Constant properties over time, operating temperature and moisture range
  • Properties do not vary with speed of loading

Noise and Vibration Harshness

  •  Good sound absorbing capabilities
  •  Restricts sound transmission by up to 90%

Thermal Insulation

  •  Non-combustible as set out in ASTM E136-92
  •  Insulation R-values of 20-30

Environmental Impact

  • 100% recyclable